Meet the VX family
Volumex is the most ambitious transport family in the country. We don't just say that. The men and women who commit themselves every day to our partners do so with dedication. A Volumex partner always has a seat at our table.
This is what makes Volumex a family.
Our door is always open
A warm family welcomes new members with a smile. At Volumex you are not just a number, but we map out a path to success together with you.
Family has your back
We support you in every phase of your process, even after the key handover. Problems with your financing? Need maintenance? Engine trouble? We are here for you.
Future for every generation
Volumex is committed to sustainability, with a focus on electric and ecological driving. This way we can also guarantee your success for the next generation.
In September 2021 we expanded our company and we proudly took over Truck Center Frederix.
Volumex is growing even faster than its customers. Not only will a second branch be added in Limburg (Beringen), Volumex also crosses the language border and opens a branch in Liège. The counter of contracts now stands at more than 1,000.
In 2019 we celebrated our first presences at major events such as the Brussels Motorshow in January and the Belgian Truck Races on the Zolder circuit.
The ambition of Tristan and Martijn has not diminished. Five years later, Volumex has reached the 100-veh mark and the familiar VX logo is increasingly appearing in the streets.
Volumex Lease sees the light in 2010. The lease company underlines the brothers' ambition to start a new chapter alongside Menten NV. Menten continues to exist but no longer offers passenger vehicles and is renamed Menten Truck Service. Volumex, for its part, aspires to become the largest lease partner in Belgium.
In 2005 the moment had come for (grand)sons Tristan and Martijn to get behind the wheel of Menten NV themselves. They are tasked with guiding the company into the 21st century.
The growth of Menten as a Limburg distributor of Lancia and Iveco led to the establishment of a brand new garage with showroom in 1992. The opening of Menten 2.0 is already attracting the best of the South Limburg elite. For a few years, Fiat passenger and commercial vehicles were also added to the range.
From 1983 Menten entered the passenger car market - as a distributor of Lancia. The popular Lancia Delta, among others, would become a bull's eye and become one of the best-selling family cars in Belgium.
In 1976, son Lambert also found his way into the family business. OM and Magirus trucks are added to the concession and the Menten company continues to grow. Not much later, Fiat Trucks, OM and Magirus merge and Iveco is born. Menten is one of the first dealers in Belgium to distribute the popular Iveco trucks.
Twenty years later, Menten has grown into a well-known truck distributor in Hoeselt and the surrounding area. The success of Garage Menten leads to an expansion of the company. Hippolyt joins forces with importer Van Hool and expands the concession with Catrabel - Fiat Trucks.
In January 2022 we welcomed you in our brand new branch in Fléron.
The story of Volumex goes back to just after the Second World War, when Hippolyt Menten made his childhood dream come true in 1947 and started his own company.  There was no question of leasing then, certainly not Volumex. Instead Menten NV was a workshop for vehicles and coaches that also served as a taxi company. As long as something with a motor and four wheels could be tinkered with…